Ideas for Go-Json-Rest v3.0.0 (RFC)

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V3 is the opportunity for API changes and improvements.

In the past two years Go-Json-Rest has changed a lot. It got the notion of middleware, bringing basic features like Auth, CORS, JSONP that were missing at the beginning. Over time the list of options and settings has doubled. This is reflected in the main object ResourceHandler that has become a long list of options. It works, but it could be more convenient to use. The goal of the v3 is to provide a replacement for ResourceHandler that is simpler to use and more flexible.

The ResourceHandler does not do much, given the settings, it instantiates the middlewares and the router, and wraps all that in order to produce a net/http Handler. The middlewares and the router are in fact the low-level api of go-json-rest. The idea of v3 is to open it, make it public.

2013 Safari

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Remember five years ago when Safari was the best mobile browser ? Maybe even the best desktop browser. Times have changed.…