Introducing Go-Json-Rest

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A quick and easy way to setup a RESTful JSON API in Go

A few weeks ago I wrote Go-UrlRouter, here is the next step, Go-Json-Rest, a very small REST framework built around it.

First, a few thoughts, kind of design principles for this project.

Better URL Routing ? #golang

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When a web server receives a request, it has to figure out what piece of code to run to process this particular request. Any element of the request can be used for this routing, but in practice, most web frameworks use the path part of the URL. Defining expressions like these ones:…

B2D categories and examples

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B2D (Business To Developers) is something trendy these days. It seems that we, developers, form a special group between Consumers (B2C) and Business (B2B). As an exercise, and to get a better picture of this market, I tried to cut that in categories and find examples for each.…

Playing with D3 force #holidayshack

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My aggregator takes many things into account to rank the stories, and of course among them, the inbound links from other posts and tweets. So far I never took the time to write a visualisation tool that actually shows this conversation. But today I did, it made me learn more about D3 and SVG, and I think the result is interesting.…