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MT Kwiki Formatter plugin

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I use the Marty Pauley’s MTKwiki plugin based on CGI::Kwiki since more than a year. It is a simple and useful plugin when you like to use the wiki syntax in Movable Type. But the CGI::Kwiki::Formatter output is not XHTML valid, which is a bit annoying when you try keep your blog in XHTML.

Brian Ingerson rewrote completely CGI::Kwiki into Kwiki which provides a lot of improvements including the XHTML support.

Thanks to the bad weather this Saturday afternoon in Paris, I decided to write a new simple plugin that uses Kwiki::Formatter instead of CGI::Kwiki::Formatter.

Here is the MT Kwiki Formatter plugin

By default, the Wiki links are disabled, but if you have a instance of Kwiki running on your server, then you can enable them via the plugin settings.

To Install it, you need to have Kwiki installed, then untar the archive in your plugins/ directory, or use the Byrne’s Plugin Manager.