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My big news to start 2010, I'm moving to San Francisco

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After five years working at the Paris office, I’m moving to San Francisco.

I’ll still work at Six Apart, still on TypePad, but not remotely anymore. I had the chance to fly to San Francisco a number of times before. All stays cumulated, I think I already spent six months in the city, I’m not landing to an unknown territory, but still, I think it’ll be a great adventure. I can’t wait to be on the plane because “closing” my Parisian life is a lot of paperwork and is not very exciting. In the real world, you can’t zip all your life and upload it on the other side of the planet in a few seconds, too bad. Anyway, I’m very excited by this new experience, and I’m looking forward to see my san franciscan friends and coworkers again !

I’m not sure about the move date yet, Visa process in progress, stay tuned.