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One month with Mac OS X

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After some years of using Linux (I think my first distrib was a RedHat 5.1, but I'm not sure) I've switched last month to Mac OS X.

The change between a Dell Inspiron + Fedora Core 3 and a PowerBook 17 + Panther is radical.

  • with Linux the suspend to disk is not very easy to set up, in contrast with OS X, I never stop my PB !
  • a clean filesystem, it's UNIX, but it's clean.
  • a very good GUI, on Linux I'm used to use GNOME that has learnt a lot from OS X, but now with the original, it's better.
  • a very well design hardware, all the PC laptops look ugly to me now !

Really, when software and hardware are designed in the same time, by the same people, it makes the difference.

I've added some software to make OS X more "geek friendly"

  • an Email client Thunderbird, but it's still very buggy, and not very integrate with the OS, on this point, Linux and Evolution 2 are better.

The most important drawback of this switch is the Terminal, I've tried different solutions, Terminal, iTerm, xterm (from X11), but nothing works as well as with Linux. Maybe with Tiger in a few days :)