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Playing with RDF

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Rainy week-end in Paris, the sun waits until Sunday afternoon to show up, anyway I had good time hacking with perl, memcache and mysql.

I started to play with RDF, it came up like this.

The web apps in general are slowly moving from the traditional relational DB model, to something more flexible, schema less, and to something more scalable, distributed and heavy cached.

There are a lot of different components already existing, memcached, couchDB, Hadoop, …

This is exciting, lot of innovations.

Back to RDF, I think that one way to go can be to store the objects in a triplestore. Kind of Semantic Web Object Mapping I you want. Every object has already a URI inside the app, plus, you get the notion of graph for free.

I started hacking something about this on my free time, at least as a good way to learn more about these technologies. If I manage to have it working, I’ll probably share it on CPAN or github.